Historic Hotel Leger Interview & Investigation with Elizabeth Saint

On our recent trip to the historic and very haunted Hotel Leger in Mokelumne Hill, California, we were honored to be joined by Elizabeth Saint, one of the lead investigators from Destination America’s GHOSTS OF SHEPHERDSTOWN. Not only did Ms. Saint join us for an overnight investigation of the hotel, where we experienced some amazing activity, she also sat for a one on one interview about her experiences with hauntings, her own nature as a sensitive and gave us some sneak peeks into her new Ghostly Gadgets devices that she designs and engineers herself.

The Hotel Leger

Wildly haunted and very creepy, the historic Hotel Leger located in California’s gold country was once a court house and jail complete with a hanging tree out back. The historic saloon has seen a lot since its inception in 1851 and many stories have been told of ancestors of town local’s playing cards here with legendary outlaws Black Bart and Joaquin Murrieta.

Guests have witnessed numerous apparitions and disembodied voices. There’s even reports of people being scratched in its creepy cellar making the Leger a definite “must investigate” for any paranormal enthusiast.

We’ll spend an entire night investigating its many rooms, the old jail, court house and best of all, its infamous creepy cellar. Check back in the near future to see what secrets will be revealed at this historic location.

Haunted Movie Theater

Tucked away in a quiet residential neighborhood within California’s Silicon Valley, the Veterans Memorial Senior Center could not be any more unassuming. The center, home to a 300-seat movie theater, built in the 1950’s and seemingly unremarkable is considered by the locals to be one of the most haunted locations in town. Check out this video and discover the ghostly evidence uncovered by the Hauntology team during the group’s investigation of this very active theater.


Pleasanton’s Haunted Museum

Located on Main Street in Pleasanton, California, the Museum on Main houses an interesting collection of historical artifacts from the surrounding area. This collection provides the perfect environment for a variety of attachment hauntings. The museum’s modest structure, built in 1914, began its operations as Town Hall, later serving as the town’s police station, including a small jail. Although the jail no longer remains, some of its former inhabitants have apparently found it difficult to move on. Pleasanton’s Haunted Museum has accumulated more than just artifacts over the years. As you’ll see on the video, there is no shortage of paranormal activity at this location.