Name: Michele

Psychic Abilities: Sensitive-Clairvoyant

Favorite Ghost Hunting Tool: I’ve had the best luck with an Olympus VN702 Digital Recorder.

Favorite Paranormal Spot: Pardee House, Oakland, Ca. – The ghost of George Pardee snuck up behind me. I thought it was a fellow investigator but when I turned around there was no one there except a fleeting shadow.

Best Ghost Hunting Advice: Never assume everything is paranormal, always do a thorough analysis.

Favorite Scary Story: I have too many to select just one.

Favorite Piece of Evidence: EVPs from the Burlington Hotel in Port Costa, Ca. and my ongoing dialogue there with the spirit of “June”.



Name: Paul

Psychic Abilities: Sensitive, I can sense environmental changes from spirit activity. You could also say I have some psychic intuition as well.

Favorite Ghost Hunting Tool: Flashlight, HTC android M8 Camera, Zoom H4N Recorder.

Favorite Paranormal Spot: The Four Deuces Saloon in Tombstone, AZ.

Best Ghost Hunting Advice: Keep an open mind, be respectful of the spirits and know your place and theirs.

Favorite Scary Story: “The Rite” starring Anthony Hopkins. It’s a supernatural horror thriller based on real events as witnessed by American exorcist in training Father Gary Thomas and his experiences after being sent to Rome to train and work with veteran clergy of the practice.

Favorite Piece of Evidence: A photo of a ghostly skeleton image looking out the second story window at Cohen Brey House in Oakland, CA.

Name:  Jim

Psychic Abilities:  Sensitive with occasional bouts of intuitiveness.

Favorite Ghost Hunting Tool:  A pair of Canon XF205 Camcorders.

Favorite Paranormal Spot: Cohen-Bray House in Oakland, CA.

Best Ghost Hunting Advice: Never investigate where your angels won’t.

Favorite Scary Story: Young Frankenstein.

Favorite Piece of Evidence: I caught on video a small glowing entity with a somewhat human form run across the floor of a child’s bedroom in a private residence in Redwood City, CA.



Name: Marcy

Psychic Abilities: Sensitive/Clairaudient

Favorite Ghost Hunting Tool: Spirit Box.

Favorite Paranormal Spot: Cohen-Bray House in Oakland, CA. That place has a great energy and very talkative spirits.

Best Ghost Hunting Advice: Always be respectful.

Favorite Scary Story: Eyes of Fire.

Favorite Piece of Evidence: I was conducting a Spirit Box session in our home when I received one of the craziest and clearest EVP responses I’ve ever received with my RT-EVP. It was near tax time and my husband and I had not filed yet. This crazy voice came through and said tauntingly “Pay your taxes!”.

Name:  Quentin

Psychic Abilities:  Sensitive.

Favorite Ghost Hunting Tool:  Echo Box.

Favorite Paranormal Spot: Cohen-Bray House in Oakland, CA. I like Emelita’s bedroom as it feels like she’s still there in the same room she was born in and died in.

Best Ghost Hunting Advice: Be patient, remain still and quiet. Known your history and ask relevant questions.

Favorite Scary Story: The Blair Witch.

Favorite Piece of Evidence: Numerous racy EVP responses from an angry sheriff in a private residence in Redwood City, CA.



Name:  Keena

Psychic Abilities:   I’m an empath and can pick up physical and emotional feelings from spirit. I can also see spirit energy quite well. Those are my two dominant abilities.

Favorite Ghost Hunting Tool:   My favorite ghost hunting tool (besides my own self) would have to be a simple digital recorder.

Favorite Paranormal Spot: Preston Castle in Ione, CA

Best Ghost Hunting Advice: Intention is everything. I believe you will get more evidence by having good intentions. Being open-minded, positive, respectful and caring makes a huge difference in what you learn and get out of investigations.

Favorite Scary Story: Extremely horrifying true story.

Favorite Piece of Evidence:  I’ve captured and heard some amazing EVP’s but one of my favorites was at Preston Castle. We heard in a very loud whisper on a digital recorder “GET OUT OF MY HOUSE.” It was so clear and creepy sounding that our whole group quickly left the room it was captured in.

Name:  Nadia

Psychic Abilities:  Professional Psychic Medium, Healer and Author

About Nadia

Nadia Shapiro grew up in a supportive household with a mother who was also a medium, allowing her to explore her intuitive gifts. At the age of 24, Nadia’s abilities soared in the wake of a near-death experience at which point communications between Nadia, her spirit guides and angels, were blown wide open.

Her abilities were further honed in the confines of the Spiritualist Church, a sanctuary for mediums. There she discovered she had the ability to help people with their physical, emotional and spiritual struggles. Nadia became a professional psychic medium, offering readings, healings, psychic development classes, speaking on the radio, writing articles and books and continuing in her quest to spread her message throughout the world.

Learn more about Nadia here