About Us

Welcome to Hauntology Productions, a site focused on documentary-style videos of all things paranormal and the unknown. Our investigations are conducted by a dedicated team of intuitive investigators located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our team strives to help those who live with everyday hauntings cope with their experiences by investigating, documenting and resolving any issues surrounding the paranormal. The Hauntology Productions website also serves as a resource for the latest paranormal evidence, news and events in the paranormal field and features highlights from some of our more haunted locations.


Check Out The Haunted Space Interview With Nick Groff and Elizabeth Saint.

They Saw The Future!

Join us for an exclusive Hauntology Productions interview with Nick Groff of Destination America’s hit shows “Paranormal Lockdown” and “Ghosts of Shepherdstown”, along with Elizabeth Saint from Destination America’s hit show “Ghosts of Shepherdstown”. See the future of paranormal programing as they talk about their new and innovative online subscription-based network “TheHaunted.Space” launching January 8th 2018. For more information enter their reality at www.thehaunted.space.

Our Haunted Destinations Jackson, CA. Paranormal Documentary

Set in California’s gold country; join the team as they explore the history, the tragedy and claims of hauntings in this preserved gold rush era town.

In this episode we‘ll investigate the historic National Hotel and go behind the scenes as we investigate areas previously off limits and uncover some of its many dark secrets.

Interested in a paranormal journey? Log on to www.nationalhoteljackson.com for more information on how you can visit this historic town and investigate this haunted location.


Cohen-Bray House : Just across the bridge from San Francisco, located in the city of Oakland’s Fruitvale district, Cohen-Brey house has been a prominent part of Oakland’s history for over 132 years.

When you first see this place, you can’t help wonder just how haunted it could be. It’s definitely worthy of being on the list of “must investigate” for many paranormal enthusiasts. Check out my first attempt at producing paranormal documentaries and discover just how haunted Cohen-Bray House is as we endeavor to uncover its many secrets.

For more information on Cohen-Bray house please visit their website at www.cohenbrayhouse.info.